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The Marsh Daisy were originally bred from a flock of utility birds based on Black Hamburgh, White Leghorn and various Game breeds and later crossed with Pit Game and Sicilian Buttercups  We have found the Marsh Daisy to be a very hardy breed and although both their physical and egg size seems to have decreased over the years they are still a good quality table bird and good egg layers.
We now have the Browns & Wheaten  running as separate flocks.
As one would expect of a northern bred bird the Scots Grey’s are extremely hardy and well able to cope with extremes of cold and damp and are of course good foragers.
The hens lay an average of 150 (we cannot confirm this figure) large tinted/cream coloured eggs each year of excellent quality.
They also make a good table bird, the cocks weighing a respectable 3.20kg (7 lbs) although we have found them quite slow to mature to this weight.
The Silver Dorking are the famous 5 toed chicken dating back to Roman times.
We find them a most attractive breed  and think the hen always looks quite ‘chic’ with her comb flopped to one side at a rakish angle
They are a large heavy breed with good breast meat which along with its good laying ability make it an excellent bird both for the table and as an egg producer.
The Ixworth were bred by using the white birds of the Sussex, Orpington, Minorca, Jubilee, Indian, and Indian Game breeds which has given it the wide breast and characteristics of a first-class table bird with white meat of an excellent texture and well flavoured.
The cock can weigh in at an impressive 4.10kg and the hen at 3.20kg
These qualities along with its good egg laying capabilities make this an excellent utility breed that deserves to be more widely used.


Unavailable for 2011